To become a registered borrower at the Williamsburg Public Library, borrowers are required to provide proof of their current residential address and a form of identification.

·         Registration is open to residents (ages 9+) of the City of Williamsburg and the rural residents of Iowa County.

·         Nonresidents may register and borrow physical materials, but will not have access to digital/online items by the State Library of Iowa Open Access Agreement.


·         There will be a $3.00 charge to replace a lost card.

·         Borrowers are responsible for any item checked out on their card.  

o   If a card is lost or stolen, the borrower must notify the Library.

·         The Library charges fines and fees to encourage compliance with rules which promote fair and equal access for all citizens to limited resources.

o   Books, Magazines, and Audiobooks: $0.10 per day

o   Movies: $1.00 per day

o   Children’s materials are FINE FREE (will still be charged if the material is lost)

·         A fee will be assessed for damage to Library materials or equipment occurring while on loan.