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Other Services

Print or Make Copies

The Williamsburg Public Library has a copy machine available for the public to use during business hours. Black and white copies are $.10 per side/page; color copies are $.50 per side/page. Sizes available are letter, legal and ledger.


Fax Service (Send and Receive)

The Williamsburg Public Library provides fax service to its patrons for a fee of $1.00 per page (excluding cover page) whether sending or receiving.  The fax number is 319-668-9621.  The outgoing service is available during regular library hours although faxes can be received anytime.  The library staff handles the actual faxing.  The library will also provide a cover sheet if needed.


Test Proctoring

The library offers test proctoring.  Contact Pat by phone (319)668-1195 or email  to arrange for a time.


Energy Usage Meter

The library has a "Kill A Watt" Energy Usage Meter that can be checked out. Take it home to find out exactly how much electricity your appliance or electronic device uses – and how much it costs to operate each month. Armed with this information, you can make smart energy decisions to help you better manage your energy costs.