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New Library

Progress is happening!

Work on the new Williamsburg Public Library, which is slated to be substantially complete in mid-summer, has moved from the outside to the inside.  An extremely rainy June put the project about a month behind the original completion date, but by the end of the summer all the moving will be done, the new space organized and the staff will be ready to introduce library patrons to the new building.


Currently  plumbers and electricians are at work, the sprinkler system is being installed and much of the interior framing is being finished up.  Bricklayers are finishing up the exterior brick work and are laying up the Stone City limestone chimney for the library’s fireplace, which will also be made of Stone City limestone.


The shelving for all the library materials, books, DVDs, magazines, has been chosen by the library furnishings committee and ordered as has the furniture for the new building.

Soon it will all come together and Williamsburg’s long awaited new library will be a reality.